About Us

eFabrics.in is the online distribution channel of RK Fabrics, a premier textile trading firm founded in 1980 and based out of Bangalore, India. It offers the best collection of premier Indian and international fabrics, including Monti India, as well as Luthai and LuFeng. It has over 1000 designs always available, and customer can order as low as 60.00 m, which will be delivered to your doorstep between 2 to 3 weeks.

Efabrics is a pioneering online fabric online store in India, brings you the best of technology plus tradition. We rely on the latest technology to give retailers in India access to a world of fabric you want, in the quantity you want at your leisure. efabrics is also grounded in tradition. While we consider technology to be an enabling agent, we have a great deal of respect for traditional business ways. For example, we deliver samples and swatches for all fabrics free of cost to your doorstep, so that you can examine the touch, feel and drape of a fabric before ordering it. We have built a customer service line to answer question you may have about using the site or the status of orders.

We make every effort to ensure first class service to our customer, which includes speedy delivery within 60 hrs to any tier 1 cities of India for any design available at our warehouse. efabrics keeps popular fabrics in stock so that you can maintain a minimum inventory at your store. Overseas order delivered within 30 days to your doorstep. In case we have to custom order for you from abroad, we will order the fabric from our overseas partner pay for it upfront, clear customer, re- package it in a for you may require and then deliver it to you at your store within 30 days. Latest fashions updated every month. Our close relationship with vendors ensure that the latest fabrics styles are uploaded on the site.